About Pro-Dive Pools

We are more than just a pool builder.

We started about ten years ago in the pool leak detection business. We were a one truck company and rapidly grew servicing hundreds of pools yearly. Leak detection turned into pool service and repair This led into more involved rebuilds and liner replacements. As our experience and reputation grew so did our referral business. After being asked to do so by our customers, we now do complete in-ground pool installations.

Our company has grown from a one-man show to several crews and five trucks. We own all of our equipment, rarely use subcontractors and have the experience in the field to make your old pool new, or your new pool a reality.

What sets us apart?

  1. No-show room, drastically reducing overhead - we pass the savings on to you
  2. Incorporated and fully insured
  3. Dunn and Bradstreet rating
  4. Owner-operated (Yes, you will actually talk with the owner, as well as see him on the job site)


We currently service approximately 800 pools yearly. This includes leak detection, services and repair, major rebuilds and new installs. We have proven track record in all areas of your pool needs.

When you are shopping for a pool company you need to look beyond the show. The expensive and huge indoor pool show rooms are meant to do one thing, impress. This is no different than any other retail business. Ever notice that you can get the same deal or better at a warehouse style store? This is the lower overhead working. Year round service is just a friendly phone call away. Try us and you will quickly see the difference.